150 volunteers set to put together the year’s biggest event!

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150 volunteers set to put together the year’s biggest event!

150 volunteers set to put together the year’s biggest event, say the team spirit in TEDxNishtiman is incomparable

With less than two weeks to TEDxNishtiman, over 500 people have shown interest to be part of the volunteering team in organizing all aspects of the event.

We took this chance to speak to a few of those who are already part of the volunteering teams to see how their experience has been so far, and the reason behind their desires to be part of TEDxNishtiman.

In any one meeting there are anywhere between 30 and 100 volunteers taking part. Nearly all of them are either students or have full time jobs. Baxtiyar Goran, is one of those, he juggles two different jobs and continues to make time for TEDxNishtiman.
“I don’t feel the pressure, tiredness or stress because the team is amazing, this makes the work a lot of fun.”

Rawand Hussein, founder of TEDxNishtiman laughs when asked about the background of the volunteers, “we are a very colourful group!”

“We have students, engineers, architects, young doctors, and aspiring politicians; There are those with science backgrounds, others humanities. Everyone has different interests and hobbies, but what the entire team shares is dedication and great team spirit.” He adds, “we work hard, but have a lot of fun along the way.”

The person behind the website of TEDxNishtiamn is web developer, Mohammad Daylaki, he says: “I am really enjoying the experience because the motivation inside our team is unbelievable.”

The volunteers are mix between males and females, some students, others graduates. Star Ali, volunteering in the sponsors team reflects positively on his experience adding: “I have always followed TED and TEDx around the world, it is a privilege being part of this family. I look forward to contributing to the success of this event.”

On April 1, on the day of TEDxNishtiman, there will be over 150 dedicated volunteers working to meet the high expectations set on the event.

Among them is Fatima Hasan, 24, “It is an honour to work on such events that changes the community and even the world, it gives people inspiration messages.” She says the team spirit and the respect the volunteers have for each other is her main force of motivation.