TEDxNishtiman 2017 Talks

Three Steps to Transform Your Life
Lena Kay
How Can Teaching Creativity Support Entrepreneurship?
Hemin Latif
Stages of Internationalizing Daf Instrument
Hazhar Zahawi
Create a better future with the power of ‘I am’
Souhair Alqaisi
Dreams do come TRUE!
Ravan Al-Taie
A Different Method for Farming
Azad Muhammed
The Beauty of Diversity Deviations
Thamir Elias
Strategies for Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence
Sherri Kraham
When the Bombs Rain Down, Save Lives
Raed Al-Saleh
Role of Entrepreneurship in a Developing Country
Salwan Zaito
Using Technology to Protect Water
Bayar Shahab
Benefits of Higher Education in Today’s Society
Hanna Jaff