Speakers 2023


Zana Ahmed Qasab

Zana Ahmed has a Bachelor’s degree in General Surgery and Internal Medicine, and a doctorate in Psychiatry. For the time being Dr. Zana is living in Sulaimanyah and has his own clinic. one of the most important topics for this year will be (youth Empowerment), which will be presented by Dr. Zana, as he is experienced in training and lecturing about this subject. TEDxNishtiman team choose this subject as its essential for creating an environment where young people can actively participate in decision-making and have the resources, skills, and opportunities to take charge of their own lives and contribute to their communities. The goal of youth empowerment is to enable young people to develop their full potential and become agents of change in their communities and the world at large

Buhar Sulaiman Ahmed


Buhar Sulaiman is a lecturer about programming and
robotics and launching her own application. Bihari will
be on the TEDxNishtiman stage to talk about robots
and their importance. Her exciting speech will feature
a creation of hers that will portray how convenient
robots can be in our lives. Robotics are the future and
it’s crucial to progress and learn to understand how we
can use robots in our daily lives.

Speda Kardo


Speda Kardo born in 2006 is an active Kurdish YouTuber from Sulaymaniyah and IYLEP alumni. Speda wants to spread positivity and hope through her
YouTube videos and will join us on stage to talk about the power and leadership in teenagers. Her speech about the significance of leadership and the power of the youth will help us acknowledge the impact they
have since there’s so much potential and effort that comes with the young population that can impact their community in various ways. As Speda herself is a young girl and she has been helping to renovate a school with her friends is a perfect example of why leadership and power amongst teenagers can’t be overlooked

Hanaa Edwar



Hanaa Edwar is an Iraqi women’s rights activist. She is the founder and general secretary of the Iraqi Al-Amal Association, and co-founder of the Iraqi
Women’s Network. Hanaa Edwar born in 1946 in the city of Basra is a human and women’s rights activist. Hanaas greatest accomplishments have
been placed on a pedestal being a part of helping women be 25% quota of the Iraqi parliament and giving a more pronounced role for women in
drafting the Iraqi constitution in 2005. Hanaa will be on the TEDxNishtiman stage to talk about women’s rights and their importance in our society. Women have often been denied their freedom and their access to education and jobs, Hanaa will underline and bring solutions to these obstacles for the betterment of our community to keep an open and inclusive place for all

Dr. Jegir M. Darbandi


Dr. Jegir M. Darbandi is a Dental Surgery bachelor holder and an Entrepreneur from Kurdistan who has proven his entrepreneurial skills by creating a successful business and venturing into the local and international market for medical equipment and event organizing. Dr. Jegir, a holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Administration will utilize his real-life professional and academic skills to deliver a compelling TEDx Talk about Entrepreneurship, where he will be discussing the 5 skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. As an individual who successfully broached the business field, his experience will be indispensable in inspiring the audience to
pursue their own business endeavors.

Chapka Najib Othman


Chapka N. Othman is a Kurdish businesswoman and educator with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Her experience ranges from working in the Directorate of Construction to the UN-Habitat section, where she helped the community by contributing to rebuilding the country. In her journey to
better her country, Chapka took the initiative to improve education in the area by starting her own business which led to her owning and supervising 6 Cambridge School branches in Kurdistan. She will be utilizing her extensive work experience to talk about how we can go to work excitedly every day, as she has never lost her passion for her business in her years as a professional individual.

Payam Foad



Payam Foad is a Kurdish psychologist and a social media personality who has always been into understanding emotions and people’s behavior since childhood. Payam’s emotional upbringing inspired her to understand the community around her and voice the unheard obstacles her surroundings face. Payam will talk about hope and positivity and mental health, how most
of the time the people around us make us feel down or unmotivated to do something, and how we can stop this. Payam wants to emphasize the importance of enduring obstacles and the judgments of others, and how to not let them drag you down, consistency and staying confident during these moments, are essential to get whatever you want in life. To have Hope is the
one thing that can help us overcome the darkest of times, and to face them courageously.

Faraydoon Namdar



Faraydoon namdar is a Kurdish farmer. He was born in the city of Halabja, has a bachelor in the English language from the university of Sulaimani in 2007, and in 2018 he got a bachelor’s degree in diplomacy and international relations from the university of human development. Faraydoon will talk about The importance of local products, especially pomegranates, he will emphasize the importance of agriculture, why we should promote and take care of our agriculture, and how in the future it will help the economy and replace the gas and oil we have now

Nibras Basitkey


Nibras Basitkeya Kurd who has worked for renowned organizations like; the Atlantic Council, the Malala foundation, and the Free Yezidi foundation. Nibras is an advocate of education, economy, business, humanitarian,
and women’s issues. Nibras wants to base her speech on more women in the workforce and to encourage more women to have the right to education. The economic benefits and cultivation increase of women in our society
are set to rise with more women being involved. TEDxNishtiman will open the stage for Nibras to preach about the importance of education for women.

Hossein Hassani


Hossein Hassani is an Assistant Professor at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH). He has been with UKH since 2007. Prior to joining academia as a full-timer, he was in the software industry for about 17 years. He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and is primarily interested and focused on Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics, particularly on the Kurdish language. He founded the Kurdish BLARK as a venue for publicizing the outcomes of the Kurdish processing projects he conducts or supervises. At TEDxNishtimans, Hossein will talk about the importance of Kurdish processing and its role with regard to Technological Singularity.

Dawar Fuad


Dawar Fuad is a young tech entrepreneur and consultant who works in Tech
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Iraq. He is a graduate of Information Technology with more than 6 years of experience in the Tech industry in the Middle East. He also works as a host of a weekly tech TV show “The Tech Show” on Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation. Dawar will tell us how Artificial
Intelligence is the future virtual companion in the workforce. While it might replace some low-level jobs, the innovation potentiality which comes to AI applications is impeccable. How can we utilize Artificial Intelligence in the workforce is the question that needs to be prioritized

Tala Al-Khalil


ala Alkhalil, bachelor of pharmacy, from Iraq-Basrah.
Certificate of leadership and teamwork from Washington State
University in Pullman, Rudolf Steiner schools graduate.
Established two schools for children with cancer and special needs.
known as the mother of the South and a mother of nearly 200 children,
runs “Warriors Academy” free of charge, for children with cancer and
special needs. Her idea is that psychological support increases the rate
of recovery and has a great impact and strengthens the immune system.
Topic: education, children. Tala’s idea is that we need stop pitying kids with a
disability because it makes them feel worse. They need love and empower
them to show their talents despite their illness. Many people admire her and
support her project and ideas, they need to be educated about what these
kids are going through and how they struggle, and how to give them a chance to live as normal kids.