Why TEDx Events Matter?

Why TEDx Events Matter?

We live in a world saturated in media; we are inundated by stories, pursued by viral videos, harangued by the details of the twenty-four-hour news cycle.

Yet the TED ethic represents something different. Here and there, around the world, groups of people unite for a message of hope and positivity on a regular basis; people share inspirational stories, innovative solutions, and, as they say, “ideas worth spreading”.

These ideas ripple out in all directions, teachers use them in classes, parents use them with children, people watch in the privacy of their homes when they need something new to think, something new to consider, something new to feel.

Beyond the experience of watching a moving video clip, we can experience the physical sensation of being there when something important happens. Few feelings can truly compare to the poignant sense of purpose that comes from a gathering focused on spreading positive ideas and hopeful messages.

When someone lets go of an old idea, changes their mind, or stops indulging their cynicism, we make a dent. It’s easy enough to become intoxicated with the bad news, but why not get hooked on the good news. Being optimistic is not unrealistic, it’s part and parcel of the human condition; optimism inspires growth and leads to change.

We’re normal people, with normal lives. The things that we have learned from TEDx influence the design of our houses, the way we use our time, the way we work and the way we parent. We are informed in our ongoing self-education by cutting edge and progressive ideas from TEDx speakers throughout the world — in person or on the Internet. When one teacher takes one idea and passes it on to one classroom of students, it grows. When we carefully curate, magnify, and develop these good ideas, they truly change the world for the better. This is our mission.

This is why we volunteered to help, this is why we are involved – because we believe in something bigger than the nightly news.